The Grace PLace was birthed in 1998 out of the passion to minister to those who have been wounded in the ministry. In the past 15 years, many full-time church workers, missionaries, individuals, and couples have recieved the joy of finding their true identity in CHRISTt and have found the secret of living in the luxury of Grace. 


  The goals of the Grace Place have only intensified as the ministry has matured. Many people today are disillusioned with GOD due to unpleasant experiences in local churches and those who claim to represent JESUS. These hurting individuals often begin to neglect involvement with the body of CHRIST due to their past and isolate themselves. This is the opposite of GOD's desire as HE created us for a relationship with HIM and others. The Grace Place offers a safe place to learn what is going on inside of them and how to deal with their unique situation. 


  The Grace Place is where anyone needing help with a personal or marital crisis can share openly without the fear of unfair judgment or criticism for what they feel. These feelings are dealt with sensitively and truthfully where healing can be found in JESUS, our SAVIOR, not only from our sins but from our selves.. Grace and truth is what the Lord offered to mankind and it is a goal to offer both here. 







 The counseling style is Strictly Biblical in nature and is known as "Complete Therapy" which is derived from Colossians 2:10, "You are COMPLETE in CHRIST WHO is the HEAD of ALL principality and power." The Grace Place "Complete Therapy" is non-medical in treatment with the healing/recovery based entirely GOD's Word of TRUTH, the Bible as described in Psalm 33:10-11.


Mission Statement:


" engage individuals into personal worship of the living God, 

in a practical and perptual way by teaching total dependence on Jesus Christ in all areas of family, church, and work ministries." 


 If I can help you in anyway, please call and let me know. 




BJ Johnson 



BJ Johnson 

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