Fearful? Lonely? Confused? Hurting? Empty? People ultimately behave the way they behave because they believe what they believe. Therefore, if you change your beliefs, your life will change. This is where CHRIST-centered counseling comes in as it reveals the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). There are various services the Grace Place offers. 


 We provide...
* Indivdual Counseling
* Couples' Counseling 
* Divorce Recovery
*  Pre-martial Counseling 
  - 2 hour sessions
  - Week long intensives 
  - 1st session (includes personality profiles)
  - Creative payment options available

Seminars, Conferences, and Retreats 

  We provide...
* "I"nfinite "I"ntimacy - Learn the way to draw
   closer to your spouse and have a loving and    
   intimate marriage. Relationship science is not
   rocket science! 
Looking for Love and Life - Learn as a single how
  approach romance from a godly perspective and
  gain the ability to enjoy the season you are in
  before marriage. 
*" The Bottom Line" - Do you have an interest in
   helping others? This course is designed to teach
   the basics of Biblical counseling. 
* "The Behaviour of Royalty" - This is also called
   "Blue Denium and Grace". You will learn how the
   grace of God empowers to grow spiritually and
   be an overcomer. Usually on a Friday, Saturday,
   and a Sunday.