"Let another praise you, not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips", (Proverbs 27:2). 

Dear Mr. Johnson:

"First of all, I apologize for the delay in sending you this letter. My teenage son underwent 
three sessions for counseling at your office earlier this year. I originally brought him in 
because he had had a few emotional outbursts that concerned us and led us to believe he was 
suffering from some form of depression. He was very unhappy and would spend most of his 
time in his room, or on the internet, or playing video games. He had little or no interaction 
with his family at all. We would approach him and try to find out why he was so unhappy, 
but there was little or no communication on his part with us.

Since attending the Belief Therapy sessions with you, he has a new attitude about things. The 
little things that used to be such a big deal don't seem to bother him too much anymore. He is 
communicating with us now again and has started to interact more with us as a family. He 
seems to think clearer about things than he did before. He told me that he felt he was not in 
control of his emotions, but now he knows that he is the one in control. Whatever confusion 
he was going through seems to be gone now.
I wanted to thank you for your help; it has made a difference in his life and in ours.





Dear Mr. BJ Johnson,

I have been thinking about our one session we had a couple of months ago. I 
don't think I told you what a difference it made. THANK YOU!

When I came to you with my situation between my husband and myself, I was a 
mess!!! (As you could see.) My thoughts were all confused and going every 
direction. I was also upset that my husband did not want to make an 
appointment with you! However, after my one visit, I felt SO DIFFERENT!
About myself...thank you for the "self examination". I did not realize I needed it.

And thank you for helping me see my husband and marriage in a completely 
different light! Things are not perfect (what marriage is?) but they are sooooo much better! You helped me see things in a GODly perspective - even though I did not think I needed to be guided in that direction - you pushed me to see beyond my circumstance!


Your ministry is powerful and helped strengthen my marriage!
I WILL recommend you to anyone that is strugging in any relationship!
GOD Bless you in your continued work for our LORD

"I came to BJ  with a background of almost every  event that could happen to any one human being. From mental and physical abuse, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, etc. In 1976 this life had taken me to being left for dead.

When I was twelve years old, though, I was saved and baptized. I wanted to know this man called "JESUS" that I had heard JESUS saved people, healed people, performed miracles for people, etc. I believed this person I could not see was real; I just wanted HIM to come and take me to Heaven to be with HIM. But that didn't happen.
Still I continued to have an unexplainable love for HIM.


Some years had passed and all the abuse and addictions had stopped but I still felt so lost and lonely.And the burdens of the past continued to haunt me. I didn't know how to escape this.  

In 2006 it was laid on my heart to seek CHRISTian counseling. As independent as I have always been, it took me several months of struggling before I made an appointment.
I wanted and needed someone to show me and teach me how to let JESUS help me with my burdens. Since that time I have come to realize I had not fully let JESUS into my life because I was afraid of HIM; afraid HE would hurt me like everyone else had, and
I was afraid I would be rejected by HIM !


Now I know that I was hiding things I didn't want HIM to know, not realizingHE knows everything about us anyway.

I've learned that I was not letting JESUS live "in me";
I was only letting HIM walk with me.
I've learned that I don't have to carry these burdens anymore,
that HE will carry them for me.
I have also learned that through all the pain and suffering that I have been through,
HE was there with me and HE knows how I felt.
HE knows how it feels to be physically abused, HE was too.
HE knows how it feels to be emotionally abused, HE was too.
HE knows how it feels to die, or to be left for dead, for HE was too.

Since I've been to counseling with BJ so many things have changed.
Now I know JESUS lives in me and I don't have to walk in the darkness alone anymore.
The burdens of my past are no longer mine, I have laid them at the feet of JESUS.
I am now learning that I have been given spiritual gifts, that I can use now for HIM.
And, I am no longer ashamed to be seen by others
and so now I sing for HIM, for the LORD in my church choir.

Thank you, JESUS, for sending BJ as a messenger of YOUR words;
I pray that you will be with him as he continues to try to teach people
WHO YOU are and who they are and where YOU really are."    -SB-

"There is no question about it, Bro BJ Johnson's seminar on relationships has blessed Cook Springs Baptist Church.

I've never been much on "psycho-babble seminar" or "feel good"meetings and I assure anyone who is privileged to have him that what BJ brings to you starts in GOD's Word, stays in GOD's Word, and ends in GOD's Word.
That is enough for any believer, but there is more.

Bro BJ's style is arresting and captivating from beginning to end. One of the husbands told me candidly that he did not want to come to the seminar and had made up his mind he was determined to find a reason to leave after the first opportunity. He then said to me, "Pastor, 
after the first thirty minutes, nothing could have made me leave!"


I am confident that was maybe the attitude of several of us to begin with, but, like that husband, we also determined that this was too good to walk away from!

This short letter could be much longer in praising what we all walked away with from the seminar. I would shorten it to this---If you really want to learn from Scripturewho you are, who she is, who they are, andyour Biblical purpose in being here,you should try very diligently to have this man of GOD come and share his Biblical insightswith you and your church or group.


He is a blessing and so is Tamara, his sweet wife. You will not regret your time spent with the"Relationship Science...is not Rocket Science" seminar he presents.

Working till the Shout,
Robert Nichols II
Senior Pastor
Church Phone Number: 936.295.7968

More testimonies are available upon request!